About the Artist
Katy Boggs 




Katy has been engaged in artistic expression since childhood – drawing, painting or taking photos in classes, workshops and in her spare time. After combining business and design degrees at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Katy channeled her creativity into the field of retail buying. Even without real time to paint during those career years, Katy knew she would return to the easel sometime in her future. In 2014, as her youngest daughter started college, Katy jumped at the chance to re-immerse herself in the training and practice of painting – both in pastel and oil.


Since then, Katy has made a major commitment to her life-long interest in painting. Her self-guided art education began with demos, workshops, reading and constant practice. She is single-mindedly dedicated to a daily session – either in the hills, riverbanks, forests or sea bluffs near her home, or in the studio.  She often paints en plein air to connect with the natural world around her, to hear the waves crashing or the gentle sound of songbirds and crickets. When the outside world intrudes on these sessions, she is itching to double down on her painting time the next day.  She is truly invigorated by the journey that she has begun, recognizing that there is much more study, practice and experience to be gained ahead!


Katy is at her truest self when she paints – purposefully alone, trying to capture the emotion that compels her to paint a scene. Painting is an interior experience where she can dig deep for creativity and self-expression. Katy expresses quietude and harmony in her paintings, bringing to life a scene’s essence, atmosphere and mystery.

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LPAPA Less IS More “Tumbling Turning”~ 2022

PSA 35th International Exhibition “Trickle” ~ 2021

PSWC Members Only Online Show “A Closer Look” ~ 2021

PSA Enduring Brilliance “A Closer Look” ~ 2020

PSWC Members Only Online Show “Echoing Ripples” ~ 2020

IAPS Thirty-fifth Juried Exhibition “Mosaic” ~ 2019


PSWC Pastels USA International Show ~ Art Center Morro Bay ~ Morro Bay ~ 2022

Small Works ~ Awarded Honorable Mention ~ Graton Gallery ~ Graton, CA ~ 2022

Still-life ~ Sebastopol Center for the Arts ~ Sebastopol, CA ~ 2022

Cohesion ~ Twin Peaks Art Center ~ Belmont, CA ~ 2021

Women & Strength ~ Twin Pines Art Center ~ Belmont, CA ~ 2019

Fruition: Harvesting Imagination ~ Gallery 9 ~ Los Altos, CA ~ 2018

Small Works Juried Show ~ Graton Gallery ~ Graton, CA ~ 2017

Juried Special Guest Artist ~ Graton Gallery ~ Graton, CA ~ 2017


OPA-Member Artist (Juried)
CAC-Associate Artist
PSWC-Member Artist
PSA-Member Artist (Juried)
WCA-Member Artist

In oil paint: Noah Buchanan, Jane Hunt, Kathleen Dunphy, Michael Klein, Justin Woods, Carlos Russo, Devin Cecil-Wishing and Kathleen Speranza
In soft pastel: Richard McKinley, Kim Lordier, Barbara Jaenicke, Liz Hayward Sullivan and Clark Mitchell      

BS in Design ~ University of Wisconsin ~ 1984