Katy Boggs Art-Plein air oil painter of Sonoma County landscape, seascape and fauna. Living in Sebastopol, painting the bucolic surroundings and ocean views of Northern California. 
When I paint outdoors along the Sonoma coastline, I strive to convey the many moods of the Pacific Ocean, from exuberant surf to quiet, foggy mornings.
Many in this collection of oil paintings have been done en Plein Air, which means painted while outside with the scene before me. Others have been done in the studio using the plein air sketches and photographs. All are meaningful places from around the Bay Area, Sonoma County and Sebastopol.
This series of paintings, done in both oil and pastel, explore the concept of water reflections and details of moving water which create stunning abstractions. Many of these paintings have been created along Green Valley Creek in western Sonoma County, a major tributary to the Russian River, and a vitally important stream for coho salmon and steelhead trout. This series project has become increasingly important to me as climate change has drastically effected the water levels and life sustainability of the creek. 
Still-life is a favorite genre for me; they are simple, homey and oftentimes composed of meaningful objects. These highly realistic oil paintings are done from life in my small studio, often with family heirlooms and fruit, vegetables or flowers my Sebastopol garden.